Web notes: September

Since the last area meeting, the following modifications were made:

  • PDF versions of the area meeting list was added.
  • PDF versions of the forms were added.
  • The master post formatting document was modified to improve the appearance of posts
  • H+I posts were added to the main window. Now, H+I as well as E+A posts will go to the main window.
  • Posts appearing in the main window will now display the first 55 words of the post. Previously, the entire post appeared which obscured older posts.
  • The meeting finder (google maps) was fixed for nycna.org. This was a problem with the concurrent use of the newyorkcityasc.org domain.
  • Network solutions database performance enhancements were applied. Further performance performance improvements are being pursued.
  • Credentials given to secretary
  • “howto” post now available under meeting list / website and search bar