Web report for December 2011

. Added a fix for the mobile version of the meeting list pdf (the interactive list was appearing), communicated with Regional Web Admin concerning this.
. Added a separate button (“For the Public”) on the main horizontal menu for PR/PI use.
. Added links on the “What is the Narcotics Anonymous Program” page for the four start of meeting readings.
. Assigned three new users
. Removed “Minutes, treasurer reports” formally under “Reports” on left side bar as nothing had been posted to this category.
. Separated the “Readings” from the “Forms and Documents”. There are now two separate categories called “Readings and Literatures” and “Forms and Documents”
. Under “Forms and Documents”, in addition to the start of meeeting readings, “The Basic Text” and “It Works How and Why” are now available as pdfs for all IPad / tablet users. There is also a link to the World’s literature list.
. Added further web discovery info (meta tag) for google web crawlers and the like.
. Currently 97 post, 67 calendar entries, 16 assigned users.