Get Ready for Brazil!!

We understand that many of you are anxious to get specific information about the upcoming convention at the Rio Centro Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11–14 June 2015. We are finally ready to go on sale at http://www.na.org/wcna!

The two things that have delayed us are availability of hotel rooms and challenges with financial processing. Brazil operates with a controlled currency, and setting up the process to register directly in Brazilian Reals is taking longer than we’ve been promised. We have decided to go on sale now, with registrations available in US Dollars, and hotels available in Brazilian Reals. Brazilians with an international credit card can normally register, just like any other previous convention. The registration site to process Brazilian Reals is expected to be available in a few days. To receive notification about this or any other convention news, please subscribe to convention updates: www.na.org/subscribe. There is no “penalty” for waiting to register at this point. We will be constantly working on adding different types of hotel properties, local tours, pre- and post-convention trips, etc. to our hotel links site. Please continue to check the site from the link on the convention page www.na.org/wcna for the latest additions.

We are expecting a great convention, and there is a lot of local excitement building about this upcoming recovery celebration. This will only be the second bilingual world convention, and although the travel can be a bit complex, we expect a unique convention experience that will make it more than worth the effort. There are several things about making arrangements for this convention that will be very different from previous conventions.


As a reminder, citizens from the USA as well as other countries require a visa to enter Brazil. The tourist visa process is very simple, but there is no mail-in process with the Brazilian embassy. You either have to use a visa service, which are generally located in most cities, or walk into a Brazilian Consulate. Part of the service provided by these service companies is the flight itinerary for visa purposes. For a complete list of countries requiring visas and their requirements please visit: http://sistemas.mre.gov.br/kitweb/datafiles/NovaYork/en-us/file/qgrv-simples-ing-26_03_2014(1).pdf


In an effort to provide a financially diverse range of options, we have hotels that are within a 30km circle of the Rio Centro Convention center. Price is often an indicator of the general quality of hotel properties. Lower cost accommodations may involve shared sleeping and bathroom facilities.

We are offering limited, scheduled bussing between the hotels and Rio Centro exclusively for members staying in our hotel properties. The hotels will distribute armbands that will be required to use the buses. Local taxis are always available with shared rides between 3 to 4 people running approximately $5-8/person when the buses are not running.

Often members who are planning to attend the convention will make multiple hotel reservations until they work out all of their attendance details. That was possible in the past, but the deposit and pre-payment requirements in Brazil are very strict. Reservations can be made and then cancelled, but there is a limited timeframe that those changes will be allowed, and the timeframes will be strictly adhered to. Please read that section of the information carefully when you receive it.



The event will be centered at the Rio Centro Convention Center. Meetings will begin at different times on different days of the convention. The convention meetings will not begin until at least Thursday 11 June with the main meeting scheduled for 7pm. We have arranged for people to be able to use Wednesday 10 June and part of Thursday 11 June to participate in either structured sightseeing or visiting Rio on their own. Information about these excursions will be added to our site as this becomes available and we will notify you when that happens. The local fellowship and meetings are planning to welcome you in a variety of ways. The convention days will end with a major activity at Rio Centro each night —Thursday a fantastic DJ dance, Friday will be live music, and Saturday a Samba Festival embodying the electrifying rhythms of live Samba.

Unity Day

The Unity day meeting will be the Sunday main meeting, which will also be the closing of the convention on Sunday afternoon. This will be a later close than a typical north American convention.