Update on the Christmas Day Marathon of Meetings

Yesterday, I was informed that we will NOT be using the basement cafeteria at the Cardinal Spellman Center, because the organization that makes meals every Saturday for senior citizens will be there so we will be holding our Christmas Day Marathon of Meetings in the gymnasium, which is NOT in the basement.

When you arrive at Spellman, do not go to the basement! You will be faced with a roomful of senior citizens who might be happy to see you but then again, might not be happy to see you!

Watch for the signs we’ll post that will point you in the right direction.

If you are fortunate enough to have a few extra bucks in your pocket, please be so kind as to donate something tasty for your fellow addicts.

I hope to see your face at the marathon!

And remember – no matter what – DON’T USE!!!

The Cardinal Spellman Center is located at 137 East 2nd Street, between Avenue A and First Avenue.