Traditions Book Project

We want to thank all who have taken the time to review and discuss the draft materials for the Traditions Book Project. We have received well over a hundred pieces of input from members, groups, and workshops throughout the US and from at least six other countries.

We are postponing the next review and input period for the Traditions Project to 1 March to 31 May 2015. Drafts of the review material will be available from a link on the project page: This will give the workgroup time to read and discuss the input received on Tradition One to see if there are changes to be made to Traditions Two through Six before we send them out for R&I. Our hope is that each set of R&I drafts will better reflect the fellowship’s hopes for this new piece of literature.

As a result, the updated schedule for review and input is as follows:

R&I Batch 2 Traditions Two through Six 1 March through 31 May

R&I Batch 3 Traditions Seven through Twelve 1 June through 31 August

Those planning local R&I workshops in your communities may wish to spend the month of February gathering any additional front-end input for Traditions Seven through Twelve—the deadline for that input is the end of March.

It might be helpful to keep in mind that the schedule provides about twelve weeks per batch. With five traditions in batch 2 and six traditions in batch 3, this means scheduling a workshop every other week if you do one tradition at a time, or once a month if you do two traditions at a time. Planning out your schedule in advance and asking members to read the material prior to coming for the workshop can help you be more efficient in discussing the material and gathering input to send in. And, as always, don’t wait until you’ve gathered all the input—send us what you have as you gather it! The sooner we get it, the more time the workgroup will have to go over your input.