The GNYR Online Survey/Tally for the Conference Agenda Report – World Service Conference

Take the survey! Tell our Regional Delegate what you think! Learn more about the CAR by attending one of the upcoming workshops (Sunday 26 February at the RSO). This online survey is a great tool that your group/GSR can use to vote on every single issue that is going to be discussed and voted on at the World Service Conference.

This online survey and tally for the 2012 Conference Agenda Report proposals and motions was created by the Greater NY Region’s Regional Delegate in an effort to encourage as much participation as possible.

The Areas belonging to the Greater NY Region are: Bronx, Brooklyn, Eastern Long Island, King’s Bay, Lower Hudson Valley, Manhattan, NYC, Open Arms, Rockland, Staten Island, Suffolk, Westchester.

If your home group is in one of these Areas, you AND your GSR should take advantage of this online tally and voice your thoughts on these issues.

If you have ANY questions about the Conference Agenda Report and when the next CAR workshop is going to be held, please contact Lawrence J, our Regional Delegate, at:


Check out the blog page.