The 2014 CAR is out and your group’s conscience is in demand!

Attached is the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) Tally Sheet for all NYC Area groups.  GSRs will be bringing this tally sheet to gather their group’s conscience regarding the 6 Motions and 10 Proposals that will be decided at the 2014 World Service Conference this spring.  Groups without a GSR are also encouraged to use these sheets to voice their conscience.  Tally Sheets must be returned to the Area Chair by April 9th, when they will be submitted to our Regional Delegate who will carry the conscience of our Region to the WSC.  You can bring them to the March 16th Area Service Committee meeting, or mail them in to the address on our NYC Area meeting lists*.

CAR Tally Sheet 2014

Please take a moment to look over the 6-page Tally Sheet.  It is a summary of the motions and proposals – however, all of the information needed to understand each item is contained in actual Conference Agenda Report (below).  This report is a whopping 70 pages, and can be intimidating – if not overwhelming – if it is unfamiliar to you!


The NYC Area hosted two CAR Workshops last month, both of which were poorly attended.  These workshops are are a great way to get such a large body of information summarized in a user-friendly format.  Please contact our Regional Delegate for information regarding remaining CAR workshops around the region.  It may also be possible to have someone come speak directly to your group about the items requiring a group conscience.

Another great informational resource is the CAR powerpoint presentation put out by NAWS, which summarizes the information in three easy-to-understand videos of approximately 20 minutes each.  These are available under the CAR Workshop Materials found on this NAWS page:

* NYCASC mailing address: 70-A Greenwich Ave, PMB #329, NY, NY 10011


Mari F – NYC Area Chair –