Service System Workshop Info

Service System Workshop Info. This workshop is for EVERYONE..

There are new and exciting changes for improving the service system being proposed from the World Service Service System Project Workgroup. This is an opportunity to learn about and influence any changes that may occur.

Saturday September 17th
1PM – 5PM
St Margaret’s School
66-10 80th St Middle Village, NY 11739 (Queens County)
Cross Street is Juniper Valley Rd.

Service System Project Workshop: For years we have struggled with challenges within our service structure such as apathy, disunity and communication problems as well as our public image and delivery of basic services. As we hear, it is evident in various regions and areas with so many empty positions that we constantly hear about.

We will discuss at this workshop possible changes to our service system. Since out last World Service Conference the information has continued to evolve and we who love this fellowship so much should stay abreast of the information as these changes will shape NA for the future. We have guests coming from World Services to assist in facilitating the workshop and we would love to have your participation. Whether this is the first time you are hearing about this or if you have been involved since 2008 when it began, this workshop is for YOU. See flyer