Open Service Positions – September

Open Service Positions in the NYC Area Service Committee.

  1. To fulfill our fellowship’s primary purpose, the NA groups have joined together to create a structure which develops, coordinates and maintains services on behalf of NA as a whole.
  2. The final responsibility and authority for NA services rests with the NA groups (the first two Concepts for NA Service).

For our Area service structure to function effectively, we need the support and participation of our groups in nominating members to do service. The following opportunities are open now:

Alternate Treasurer
Assist the Treasurer and is “in training” to follow into that positions.
Requirements (per policy):

  • 4 years clean
  • One year minimum service experience at the Area level
  • Experience in business, accounting, bookkeeping or as a successful group/committee treasurer.
  • Financially secure and good at managing personal finances.
  • Demonstrated trustworthiness

Regional Committee Member
Represents the NYCASC on the Regional level.
Requirements (per policy):

  • 5 years clean
  • Two years minimum service experience at the Area level with one year as RCM alternative