NYCASC Guidelines Review: Motion 1 (Revised)

After taking a month off from Policy Motions to attend to the CAR Motion and Proposals, following is (1) the Policy Motion for the month of March, and (2) a copy of the relevant portions of the policy showing the proposed changes.  This will be voted on at the ASC held 4/20/14.  Because this meeting happens to fall on Easter Sunday, and many voting participants will be unable to attend the meeting, the Area has taken the unusual step of allowing members to email in votes if they will not be present to vote in person.  Thank you for participation in our Area Policy Review!

Policy Motion 1 (Revised)

Mark-up Motion 1 (Revised)

If you have thought or questions related to the proposed motions, or the to NYC Area Policy in general, please don’t be shy about getting informed and involved!  You can:

  • Read up on the 12 Concepts and 12 Traditions that provide the foundation for our service structure and related policies
  • Attend group business meetings and speak to experienced members
  • Attend the NYC Area Service Committee Meeting, held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Regional Service Office
  • Search the large body of service and policy-related information available on the NA World Services website (
  • Contact myself at for more information

UPDATE 4/20/14: 

MOTION 1 (Revised):  PASSED.