NYC ASC Events & Activities Needs Volunteers, Trusted Servants

Hello, everyone!

Wow! How AWESOME is it that we have a website now??? BIG, BIG thank you to our Webservant for doing such a great job! I’m so excited about this being here!

I’m not going to lie to you. Events & Activities is a REALLY HARD service commitment. Lots of grunt work, like schlepping cases of water and soda from one place to another; lots of sweat and time and effort and sometimes, very little thanks from our fellow members at the events we organize.

It is also incredibly rewarding. At last year’s Thanksgiving Marathon, a young woman came up to me and said, “I really wanted to use today. I remembered you guys were putting this marathon on. I’ve been sitting in those meetings all day. I don’t wanna use now. Thank you.”

No joke. And on that day, she wasn’t the only one who told that to me.

This is why we do what we do: to carry the message.

I know people think E&A’s primary purpose is to raise money. No, it’s not. NA is supposed to support itself PRIMARILY through our 7th Tradition basket. E&A‘s primary purpose is to carry the message by providing opportunities for addicts to come together and learn something about the program – be it Steps or Traditions – and form those bonds with each other that are the foundation of good relationships, and to promote unity and a whole host of other spiritual things that make this program so incredible.

Right now, the New York City Area Service Committee’s Events & Activities sub-committee is looking for a Vice-Chair and a Secretary.

We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to help organize, set up, and run the Thanksgiving Marathon, the Christmas Day Marathon, and the New Year’s Eve Marathon.

While there are clean time requirements for the Vice Chair (1 year clean) and Secretary (6 months) positions, there is NO CLEAN TIME REQUIREMENT to be a volunteer.

If you are interested in learning more about E&A and how you can be of service (and give back what was so freely given to you), please attend our next E&A meeting on Monday 6 September at 18 Bleecker Street, ground floor at 6 PM.

Thank you!