NYC ASC E&A September 2010 Report

NYC ASC Events & Activities Sub-Committee Report
September 2010

Dear All,

First off: The E&A sub – committee needs a Vice Chair and a Secretary. We meet on the first Monday of the month at 18 Bleecker Street, on the first floor, at 6 PM.

The Birthday Bash was a tremendous success. We measure success in ways other than financial although in this respect we did not do too shabbily. Success is measured by the looks on people’s faces, the respect they paid to each other and to the venue, everyone’s willingness to get along with everyone else, and how late everyone stayed!

Every time we have an event, we learn what we’d like not to do next year. As for the Birthday Bash, it is the recommendation of the E&A sub committee that we hold it after the summer is over, when the weather is a little cooler.

Otherwise, this venue, I believe, was ideal – having the dance in a space separate from the rest of the event made talking with each other much more enjoyable.

A big thanks goes out to all the volunteers who worked their asses off, as it simply would not have been possible to have this event without their dedication and hard work.

For those of you who do not know – the week before the event it looked as if the event may not be held at all. The Department of Education is really cracking down on its policy of renting space only to non profit organizations. We had a really difficult time proving to them that we are non profit. We finally straightened it all out two days before the event and got our permit. I guess, by that time, it was too late for them to find security guards – the ones the school made us get – so we ended up having NO SECURITY at the event.

We didn’t need it. There was not one single, solitary altercation.

However, the experience has led E&A to our second recommendation: that the NYC Area Service Conference considers applying for its own not-for-profit status. From what I have gathered, it is a relatively simple and inexpensive process. There are a number of Areas throughout the United States that have this status. Yes, we would have to file taxes every year but we would not have to PAY taxes and personally, filing taxes is a really great way for us to maintain accountability and transparency for our Area and its members.

As for the remaining events on our calendar for 2010:

In keeping with our current financial situation, E&A will be scaling back the hospitality provided at the Thanksgiving and Xmas Marathons to snacks and beverages. Copious snacks and beverages, but snacks and beverages nonetheless. As usual, we happily accept your generous donations. Of snacks and beverages. 

I received an email from the gentleman who manages things at St. Paul the Apostle church on 59th and 9th. He said that, yes, the space is still available for us to rent for a New Year’s Eve dance at the same price he quoted us back in May. $2,000, with a $500 down payment.

This space can hold up to 1,000 people. There are also a couple of classrooms off to the sides of the space that can be used for meetings. It is 2 blocks away from Columbus Circle and the streets are not blocked off from traffic so access is not an issue.

What I love about the NYC Area is that we are not a money-hungry area. We do not put on one fundraiser after another. However, I believe we are at the other extreme by holding only ONE fundraiser each year – the Birthday Bash.

E&A’s recommendation is that we have two fundraisers a year: A New Year’s Eve dance, the proceeds of which can be used to set a budget for the following year (committee workshops, revolving funds, etc) AND the Birthday Bash, half of whose proceeds go directly as a donation to World.

So, just to quickly recap:

a) E&A recommends holding the Birthday Bash after the summer, when it’s cooler
b) E&A recommends holding a New Year’s Eve dance to raise funds
c) E&A recommends simplifying the hospitality we provide for the Thanksgiving and Xmas marathons
d) E&A needs a Vice Chair and a Secretary and we meet the first Monday of the month at 18 Bleecker Street on the first floor at 6 PM

Thank you for letting me serve


Lynne V.