NYC Area Service Vacant positions June 2011

Positions which are currently vacant with requirements:

Regional Committee Member
. 5 years clean
. two years minimum service experience at the Area Level with one year as RCM alternate

Alternate Treasurer
. 4 years clean
. one year minimum service experience at the Area level
. Experience in business, accounting, bookkeeping or as a successful group/committee treasurer
. Financially secure and good at managing personal finances
. Demonstrated trustworthiness

Requirements for all positions:
. Personal time and ability to perform the duties specified (see article 12. Duties of Officers)
. Willing and the desire to serve
. The clean time and service experience stated below.
. Understanding of and practical experience with the 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous, NYCASC guidelines and Roberts Rules of Order
. Maintenance of clean time throughout the term of office
. May hold no other NYCASC elected or representative position