Meeting Times, Closings, Announcements – January 2015

Tuesday night Bleeker is open on Tuesday 1/27!

Solid Foundation Group: will be CLOSED Sunday, February 1st and Sunday February 22nd

Valley Of The Dolls Group (Women’s Meeting) is in need of a new meeting space. We would ideally stay on the Lower East Side. Any experience, strength and hope members have with finding a new meeting space would be appreciated. Please join us Monday nights at 7:00 on 4th St. between Ave A and Ave B if you are interested in assisting the Group.

Recurring Themes Group is a Topic Meeting. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM. Beth Israel Bernstein Bldg. All are welcome. Please come and enjoy our wonderful fellowship.

You Get What You Need Group– Meeting has decent attendance. We could always have more people come.

Glad In Recovery Group is a G & L special interest meeting located in downtown Brooklyn, and is now listed in the NYC Area Meeting List. The Group meets Mondays 7PM and needs support.