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Mark H. and Tana A. from the World Board. Nick E. and De J. from WSO.

WSC 2014 –

Conference Cycle Focus –
Group Support
Welcoming All Members
All session profiles available at
Traditions Book Mini Workshops
Public Relations
Fellowship Support and Development
Evaluation of the Literature Distribution System
– haven’t really got going on this yet.
And Protection of the Fellowship’s Copyrights
– sent eBlast. Not just the NAWS’s responsibility to protect copyright. We all have to do our part. NAWS would rather not engage in other methods

Service System Project –
– nothing new coming out. just trying to support local communities and develop new tools.
Develop New Tools
Collect Local Ideas & Experiences
Host Webinars

Traditions Book Project –
Review & Input – eBlast today about revised timelines.
Traditions 2-6: 1 March 2015 – 31 May 2015
Traditions 7-12: 1 June 2015 – 31 August 2015
100s of pieces of input. Part of the reason is to discuss the input on Intro and Tradition 1 input. If you are going to have workshops we suggest having one workshop every other week. And send in input every time you have a workshop.
Front End Input for Trads 7-12 until 31 March 2015

Projects With Virtual Workgroups –
Decision Making at the WSC
– Working on processes and ways to use CBDM at WSC. Mainly a virtual workgroup but will have one f2f meeting end of Feb.
Planning Our Future
Delegates Sharing Session
– Delegate led

WCNA 36 – Brazil 2015
Rio Centro Convention Center
11-14 June 2015
Looking for speaker submissions and speaker reviewers.
Brazilian community is excited to welcome everyone!
Unity Day: Sunday 14 June 2015
– site is in Barra about 30km outside of central Rio. Downtown Rio de Janeiro is not easily accessible. There are lovely beaches there adjacent to the hotel in Barra. We know there are lots of questions. They intended to go on sale in October. There have been a lot of challenges. We had a lot when we did Cartagena too. Had to change destination management companies three times. Each time there was a delay in establishing the relationship with them. The World Cup created a delay in getting prices on everything. WCNA is squeezed in between the World Cup and the Olympics. The final destination management company has ongoing delays in putting a website together with all of the destination email. Needed two functional websites; one in English and one in Portuguese. Just about ready. Were given no indications that December 1 was not going to happen. Then Dec 15 but more delays with website stuff (primary language). Then holidays, then more delays. There are unique destination issues – cancellation policies that are strict. They are used to having 80% occupancy all year round. Mark thinks we’re very very close to announcing and opening up the sale.

Regions Around the World –
63,000 meetings weekly.

– Italian 6th Ed.
– Icelandic & Portuguese (BR) BTs and Norwegian LC in progress

NA Meeting Growth
US growth line is pretty flat.
Fellowship Development is always a key ingredient to growth around the world.

Total Books Distributed
– down down down. About 585, 000 as of the end of 2013. These numbers don’t include LC though.

2013 BT Distribution
24 languages.
Hungarian and Greek are new translations

Translated Literature Published
almost 800 pieces (does that includes key tags?)

2014 Net Income and Contributions
back down to 9% for contributions

Fellowship Support Cost per Group
would cost $146.78 per group (annually?)
actually receive $18.27

Where the money was spent
$ 2,910,230 on Literature Production & Distribution (35%)
$ 2,207,331 on WSC Support (26%)
$ 2,591,214 on Fellowship Development (32%) or Support direct fellowship interaction and support. sending literature, staff on hand to answer emails. NA Way and Reaching out. All PR activities (PR roundtables) and developmental literature.
– repeat list please – NAWS News, etc. literature given away is under there.
$ 576,636 on Events

Controlling Cost has meant –
Can’t control external costs (supplies, etc.)
Only real costs we’ve been able to keep down are costs we can control – personnel (not replacing staff who leave)

Free and Subsidized Literature
2001 – 2014 with trend
a lot of printing has been moved in house (when possible).
Demand has not decreased for free & subsidized literature. They try not to say no to anyone.

Fellowship Development
Everything we do at NAWS is a part of Fellowship Development
NAWS is committed to ongoing FD relations

– 2nd Afri-CAN ZF meeting was held. Delegates from 9 regions. 5 couldn’t make it.
– Staff member now in Russia to help with literature distribution
– 3rd Middle Eastern Convention

Public Relations
– had 110 prisons connected for Unity Day. had one from UK, Ireland. And a juvenile detention. Money went for that as well. There was no cost to the facilities.
Updated Resources (Membership Survey).
Have made progress with governmental resources just by being consistent.

Webinar Information
list has grown over the years.

Basics –
draft version of CBDM basics – can be found online
also working on facilitation basics

saves NAWS money on printing and mailing costs.

NA Way Magazine
500,000 – 700,000 visits per month
Almost 40% mobile.

Discussion Boards

JFT daily emails – more than 96,000 subscriptions
More than 110,000 on mailing list for NAWS Updates eblasts.
Online Literature Sales – revamping the cart system to make it more user friendly.
Also new stainless steel laser etched medallions – smaller, nice feel to them.

Anthony (CT): At the end of the last WSC the seating moratorium ended. I don’t see the seating workgroup listed in virtual. Is it not virtual? Is there a seating workgroup? A: Mark – No seating workgroup has met yet. We haven’t discussed it yet. Will discuss it when WB meets next month. A seating workgroup hasn’t met since about 2004.

Adam: Does # of literature translated include key tags and if so, does each different key tag in each language count as a separate item? A: Don’t know. Send an email to Nick to find out.
Please repeat list of Fellowship Development expenses. See above

Elwood: The new medallions. How will they be distributed? And how will they produced? A: Mass produced like other medallions. You can order like normal.

Kathy: When will updated GTWS be completed and out to the fellowship. A: Materials out to the WB for review. Need to factor in all of the input. Will be going over that in f2f meeting first week of March.
Traditions Book is being rushed. Not enough time to give appropriate review. Implausible to have a workshop every other week. We have lives. A: You’re probably right. But project plan approved at WSC 2014 and WSC 2012 had a timeline for when the workgroup is expected to have a finished product. There’s no ability to fail to finish the project when they’re supposed to. Kathy shared that she would rather see the workgroup fail to meet the timeline that to see the finished project be a failure. Mark: Have a little faith. It’s going to be alright.
We have NAWS to protect our copyright but asking members to do that is pitting member against member and causing disunity.

Danny: A lot of info about where the money is coming from and the decline, etc. There was something in the CAT (one of the objectives) the KRA was sustainability of World Services. The approaches was member contributions. What’s interesting is that we were going to create a responsibility statement and a video to show how important it is. The goal was to try to increase member contributions by 25% by 2016 but I haven’t heard anything about this yet. A: Mark – the strategic plan is like a budget sort of in that it’s what we would like to do. We haven’t done it yet. We need to address the concept/principle about “donation” vs. “contribution.” We need to address the shift in language.

Cheryl: Are we doing anything to make it easier for bulk ordering through NAWS? I order for a RSO. And there’s no way to order “cases” of books. You have to order number of individual books. A: De – we are in the process of changing accounting software and that’s tied to the cart, etc. The IT staff knows it’s an issue and are working on it.

Kenny: Have you elected a chair for the WB yet? A: Franney.
There’s usually a report on Fellowship Development at the WSC but it never includes the kind of stuff you mention in that list when Adam asked his question. The bullet said Fellowship Development, not Fellowship Support. They are really two different things. A: What NAWS does is splits all expenses into four different categories (Lit, WSC, FD/Support, Events). So when you look at an activity (its required for accounting practices), we have to decide which category it falls under. Tana says read the annual report too. It adds a lot more detail. Page 61.

Yvonne: Region is trying to raise funds to close gap on debt due to past literature bills. How can we escalate the idea that each group should send $146 to World Services? How do we get this idea out to the Fellowship? A: Tana – she likes to think that with all of the reports that the WB/NAWS sends out that the information is getting out to the groups. They don’t have a marketing strategy. There are IPs (#28, #24). Other than that, point things out to our groups. – The thing you’ve seen online (the $14 thing) is not a NAWS thing it started by one member.

Kathleen: Isn’t NAWS tasked with protecting our copyrights? And if not what is their responsibility in this area? A: Yes.
Does NAWS see the disunity that this is causing by asking members to police other members? A: Mark – we are each others eyes and ears. Kathleen: Do you not see the disunity? Tana – we’re hearing it from you.

Craig: Contributions… 9%… did the WB look at researching why the dip in contributions? There are a number of regions that contribute a lot of that and was there a specific reason for the drop? A: Mark – There are a few regions that have in the past contributed a lot based on the success of their regional conventions are experiencing a drop in profits. No, no researchers were hired. Craig: You have 17 members and all the information. It shouldn’t be that difficult to see. Mark: There’s no patterns or consistency.
Also, a comment on… just like we ask members to put more than $1 in the basket, we need to be more realistic. World Services and budgeting is not that much different from my groups, ASC, etc. and maybe we just need to be more realistic in that we’re never going to fund our services on group contributions. We need to build budgets based on reality of what the income is going to be.

HK: WCNA 36 – It was announced that payment plans would be available. Since the delays do you think that would still be available?
A: Mark – shorter amount of time for payments. Problem that PayPal is not allowed in Brazil. I just don’t have the answers right now. De: The information will be sent out as soon as it’s available.
And Unity Day is checkout day. A: Mark – This is the same as it’s always been.. .Sunday morning meeting.

Wayne: WCNA 36 – in reference to the delays, are we going to carry a great loss? A: Mark – we never know until all of the numbers are in.

Khalilah: Figure we’re using for $146.78 is that monthly? A: No, it’s yearly. $12.50 per month.
Northern New Jersey put in a request for regular contributions from all Areas and it’s working.

Rich M: FIPT and letters being sent from NAWS. Maybe possibly taking legal action down the road. Some of the literature I think you’re talking about… specifically the 3rd Ed. Revised… can I buy that from NAWS? Is it that big of a problem that it’s cutting into the bottom line? Is there that much floating around? A: Mark – protecting the IP rights is a different issue that the bottom line. You could have bought the 3rd ed. rev. when the 4th ed came out and there were some in stock. We don’t continue to print old editions when new editions come out. When you look at people editing their own versions and if we don’t protect the IP rights, then it’s like saying anyone can print whatever edited version of the BT they want. It’s about conceptual fidelity. There was a court case back in the 90s and no one wants to do that again. The courts wanted us to just get along. This stuff was decided at the WSC. The 5th Edition was decided to be our book. Then we voted to have the 6th ed. and it was unanimously approved at the WSC. That was the group conscience. There’s another question of, once we have a group conscience, do I follow that? But this is more about people presenting our literature as whatever they want it to be instead of what the Fellowship said we want it to be. We’re just asking that everyone follow our group conscience. Q: Are you saying that the problem is that the words have changed? A: Mark – the problem is that we have a group conscience and we have an FIPT which states who can print what and how much. Q: Are you saying that if my group wanted to use the 5th Ed. that wouldn’t be cool? A: The FIPT doesn’t talk about what you read in your group, or in your house. It talks about reproducing and distributing. If we don’t protect our IP it will fall into the public domain. Nick adds: there was a WSC action that prevents NAWS from reproducing outdated literature. Also, the group booklet says only approved NA literature should be used in groups and

Mickey: I am a distributor of the Baby Blue. You’re talking about the legal ramification of the FIPT. You’re talking about the previous conscience of the Fellowship with the approval of the BT and what is the approved BT. And what we’re doing with literature development and how we’re going to decide what group conscience is. When are we going to sit down and discuss this? You’re not going to put us in jail, you’re not going to take us to court. There’s members lining up to be a martyr like Grateful Dave. When are we going to sit down and discuss what the WSC decided… most of which never went back to the groups.
A: Mark – I think we’re discussing it now. The piece sent out was sent from the WB, not from the Office. I think that’s the start of the discussion. As to the question of how many groups saw these issues… I’m disappointed in the trusted servants… no I just see that the information is available… the CAR is out there… how can RDs get the information out through the layers, etc… we have a lot of work in front of us if we want 100% engagement.
Mickey: But that’s the problem… we don’t sit down and discuss this. We sit on Facebook and discuss it. We discuss it in the hallways. I’ve written Mickey papers for 10 years. But we don’t sit down and discuss the fundamental difference of opinion about what group conscience is. One of the options is to sit down at the Conference and discuss this with all of the parties.
Mark: No region has made a motion to put aside time at the Conference to have this discussion.

Michelle: WCNA 36 – one questions I missed… something about why it’s in Brazil? Maybe should be cancel it?
Mark: We call it a World convention… we are a worldwide fellowship. We can’t focus on always making money. We’re not a business, we’re a spiritual fellowship. We have to just carry the message sometimes. Why Brazil? 30% of our literature is sold in Brazil. They have almost 4000 meetings. We decided to go there because we owe them props. They’ve been doing a hell of a job. My belief is that the convention won’t be cancelled. There’s a lot of excitement in Brazil alone to being in a substantial amount of money. We hope that many more will go.

Zoe: What do you attribute the flat line of US growth? Is is because of other groups, etc. outpatient? A: Tana – only speculate. could be lack of FD. Saturation?

Nancy: There’s already so much money sunk into WCNA 36… if we would cancel how much would be lost? A: Mark: It won’t be cancelled. Second… I don’t have those figures. We haven’t bought any merchandise yet… its the time, etc.
Q: Is there any way to know how many NA groups are NOT registered with NAWS? A: Mark – nope.

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