In NA, it’s always the Season of Giving

For “civilians”, the Season of Giving begins on Black Friday and ends on December 25th. But for those of us in recovery, the season never ends. We give back what was freely given to us and we do this so we can keep it. We give to the newcomer, to the still sick and suffering addict, so that they, too, may find the gift of recovery (the gift that really keeps on giving!).

When we started putting on these holiday “marathons”, it was for one very simple reason: many facilities in which we held meetings were not open on these holidays but addicts still needed to make meetings – especially those addicts for whom holidays can be a trigger.

So we began providing these ‘marathon’ meetings, which naturally evolved over the course of time into huge extravaganzas because we addicts, well… we like to eat and we are experts at making things a little complicated.

We have a venue for the NYC ASC Christmas Marathon – Cardinal Spellman Center, 137 E. 2nd Street. There will be meetings starting at noon and ending at 10 PM. We will provide the fellowship, the coffee, the speakers, and the atmosphere of recovery.

We need you to provide the food. Whatever you are willing and able to provide. Cookies. Bagels. Chocolate. Potato chips. Sandwiches. Cold cuts. Soda. Pizza. Anything at all.

Do you want to make a dish that needs to be served hot? We’ll provide the sternos and the trays.

But we need your help to make this happen. Please give what you can to make this marathon a memorable (in a good, loving way not a “did you see that chair flying across the room?” way) event for those addicts in need of some recovery, some fellowship, and some lovingkindness (and especially for those who are hungry).

And, just to be clear – please do not think, “ah, they’ll have plenty of food without my donation”. No, we won’t, because money is really tight and we aren’t going to have enough to buy enough food to feed the people who come AND put on a New Year’s Eve marathon, too. We need your support. We aren’t buying any food for this event. We are relying on your help.

Thank you.