Howto post

Website How-to for site “authors”

This document describe directions, explainations and tips for people who have authoring credentials for this site.

How to Add a Post:

  1. Go to the website (” )
    Log into the website by clicking on the “Login” link on lower left hand corner.
    Enter your ID/PW into the login screen. On successful login, the homepage will
    now reappear with four options on the lower left .

  2. Click on “add a new post”, on the bottom left
  3. An “Add a new post screen” will appear:
    Enter the following:

    • Type a title where it says “Enter title here”
    • Enter your text in the large text box in the middle of the screen
    • VERY IMPORTANT! Check the category over on the right. This
      controls where the post will eventually reside on the website.
      (note: “Events and Activities” is the default.)

    • leave “allow comments” and “allow tracebacks and pingback…” unchecked
    • Press the publish button on the right and you are done.

Go back to the home page by clicking on New York City Area of Narcotics Anonymous
on the top left hand corner and your post will be visible.

As author you have the ability, if logged in, to modify or delete the post.

Logout when your are done.

Please don’t share your ID/PW

  1. When you post, the first 55 words will appear on the front page. Try to summarize your post in these few lines to both make it enticing to read the rest of the post and to give the reader a sense of what is to follow. Even better copy/past this summary into the box labeled “Excerpt” following the text area.
  2. On login, the author privilege links include :
    • site admin: the privileges you have as an author
    • login / logout
    • Add a new post: used to add new posts
    • Add a calendar event: used to add to the calendar.
  3. Attachments can be added but using the icon to the right of the words “Upload/Insert” which looks like a sun.