Group and Area News – May 2014

PI Poster Drive: Saturday 7 June 12 PM Sharp
South East corner of Washington Square Park
Rain Date: Saturday 14 June

H+I: Subcommittee meets the second Saturday of each month at 154 Christopher Street at 1PM.

June 14 @ 11:30AM – we will have the Ad Hoc policy review before the sub-committee.

Steps to Life: Steps to Life 6PM Speaker Jam in Motion

2nd Lives: 65/2014 Thursday *6:15* new location 283 West Broadway Hazelton Facility (Tribeca)

Recovery After Hours: Group is in search of a Treasurer. Recovery After Hours meets Fridays between 10PM and midnight at St Stanislaus Church, 101 East 7th (nr. 1st Ave) in the senior community rooom. All are welcome.

Solid Foundation: Rotating format beginners meeting.
– Elections will be held the last Sunday of May after the meeting.
– All positions are open except GSR, Treasurer and overall Chair

Our Whole Lives Ahead of Us: Stay tuned for a new address soon!

Bleeker Street Tuesday: New location starting on Tuesday June 3rd. 113 Baxter St. Baxter between Hester and Carol.

Cleanpoint Cleanpoint needs to be added to the regional / area meeting list.

Birthday Bash:The Greater NY Region’s Anniversary Bash, (celebrating our 30 years as a Region) is on Saturday 28 June. We are in need of volunteers to do all sorts of things:

. serenity keepers
. setting up for the meeting that will happen before the dinner and dancing
. breaking down after the meeting and setting up the tables for dinner
. cleaning up and straightening up throughout the event
. COFFEE! someone or a few someones to make sure the coffee pot is full and there is milk and sugar and cups and that it is clean and dry
. cleaning up and breaking down after the event

The event is being held at St. Anthony’s on Houston and Sullivan.

It is a HUGE space and requires a lot of bodies to help keep things moving smoothly so that everyone has a super enjoyable and memorable time.
Please, please, please – come and help. Get your friends and sponsees to come and help.
The next Anniversary Bash workgroup meeting is being held on Thursday 5 June at the RSO: 154 Christopher Street, Suite 1A, buzzer 11, at 6:30 PM EVENT FLYER

Breaking the Chains: 17th Group Anniversary June 28, 12-6PM FLYER