Greater NY Regional Service Conference

The Greater NY Regional Service Conference meets every odd month on the second weekend (154 Christopher St, Basement ). That means our next session begins this Saturday, 14 July and concludes this Sunday, 15 July.

We are getting ready for elections and the attached flier gives an idea as to what positions are up for election: ALL OF THEM!

There are some positions that are currently filled by people who are finishing their first term and are running for a second term but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw your hat in the ring.

There are some positions (like Secretary and Vice Chair) that are going to be empty after this year is up because the individuals currently in those positions are either not returning or are running for another position. These are really important positions that require good, level-headed, hard working individuals who are willing to serve in these capacities.

There are other positions that haven’t been filled in quite some time, like Literature Review Chair, Events & Activities Chair, and Fellowship Development Chair. It would be so wonderful to find people who are attracted to the ways these committees carry the message.

So, I am asking you to forward this flier to your friends and sponsees and fellow NA members in the Greater NY Region you think would be interested, who are looking to serve.

I am also inviting you to come down to the RSO and observe the GNYR session for yourself, so you can see with your own eyes what we are about, how we conduct business, and so you get to know us and it isn’t all such a mystery.