August 2013 – Group and Area News

World Convention Labor Day weekend in Philly! Check this link for details

Post Convention Event
Check this link for details

The NYC Area Service Committee Time Date Change!
Which usually meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month – will be meeting on the September 22nd, the 4th Sunday of the month, at the usual time. Please mark your calendars and notify anyone else who might need to know!

Recuperacion for Today: English/Spanish bilingual format.
Every Friday 6:15-8:15
205 e 11 between 2nd and 3rd

Anniversaries for September 27 2013:
Annet M, Anna R, Roz R. 18, Ralphie 21, Gabi I. 22, Beatriz 24

AND…25th group anniversary :
“Carrying the message to the addict that still suffers”.
Saturday Dec 14, 2013, 6:45
Pedro Allazu Campos Community Center
611 East 13th St, NY, NY (Btwn Ave B+C)

ABC Steps to recovery
206 E 11th St, between 2+3
Wed 8:30-10PM
New meeting location, beginning in September:
St Brigids School basement on Saturdays from 2:30-4:00pm
206 E.11th St

Recovery in the Lower(OD)
6th St betwen ave B+C
Thursdays 7-8:30pm
Two anniversaries, Sept 27, Sonia 10 yrs, Ana 15 yrs

Recurring Themes
9th year Group anniversary!
September 24th 2013
Tuesday 6:30 PM
Berstein Berstein Pavillion of Beth Israel 15st near 2nd ave
Three speakers on three topics

Serenity Sunday
There will be an anniversary panel:
Sunday Aug 25th for August celebrants
208 W 13,
Sunday 2:15-3:45

NYASC H+I subcommittee
NYCASC H+I sub-committee meets the second Sat of every Month at 154 christopher

Solid Foundation
130 E 25th SUnday @ 7:15
Rotating Format Beggineers meeting
1st Sun: Beginners speaker meeting
2nd Sun: 90 day panel
3rd Sun; Anniversary meeting
4th sun: Rotating 1st-2nd 3rd step
5th sun: informational pamphlet meeting
note: no congregating in front of the building before or after the meeting

You Get What You Need
Fridays 7:30-9PM
404 east 87 st between 1st and york
Meeting format for this group is always sharing experience strength and hope

Public Relations Committee(PR)
We need trusted servants. We will hold our last Poster Drive October 5 Noon till 3PM. Rain date October 12th,same time. Will meet in the Southeast corner of Washington Park. We would like input on buying T-Shirts for Public Relations.Only to be used at Health Fairs & Events. when making a presentation in a business setting we would dress appropiately. We need anyone w/or w/out clean time to help w/said Poster Drive. Please GSR’s talk about having a group PR liasion. We will meet on September 22 @ 5PM. Thank you Solid Foundation for sending a group PR rep.


Queens: Barbeque September 15

Queens, September 28, Sponsor Sponsee event

Manhattan Area: Masquerade Ball October 26, 2013