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Multi-Regional Traditions Workshop-Flyer

Link to Multi-Regional Traditions Workshop Flyer

Meeting Times,Closings and Announcement Updates – November 2014

Second Lives-Thursdays, 6:15p, Hazelton 283 West Broadway Will be holding regularly scheduled meetings on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day No Authority-Thursdays, 8:15p, 460 w 41st street Meeting will be closed on Thanksgiving Day You Get What You Need-Fridays, 7:30p, 404 E. 82nd St Meeting will be closed on Thanksgiving Friday Southside Steps-Sundays, 6:30p, Epiphany Church […]


NYCASC 2014 Holiday Marathon Ad Hoc Committee

The first meeting is being held on Thursday 23 October at 6 PM at the Regional Service Office 154 Christopher Street, Suite 1A Buzzer 11 between Greenwich and Washington Streets We need lots of volunteers. It does not matter if you won’t be here on Thanksgiving or Xmas or New Year’s… you can help out […]

Meeting Times,Closings and Announcement Updates – October 2014

A Solid Foundation- Sunday, 7:15p, Friend’s House 130 E 25th St. Celebrating 21 year anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 2nd Recuperacion for Today- Friday, 6:45p, 206 E 11th St. Willl be closed Friday October, 24th Only Game in Town – Sunday, 6:30 p, Gracie Square Hospital RM 100, 420 E 76th St Celebrating Group Anniversary Sunday, […]

M.A.S.C Speaker Jam Information

link to flyer for M.A.S.C. Post-Thanksgiving Speaker Jam on November 29th

Area Events and Activities Flyers – September 2014

Link to Flyers for Events and Activities – September 2014

Web Minutes – September 2014

Link to WEb Minutes from September 2014